Bethany Henderson
Clinical Psychology MA Student

My name is Bethany Henderson, and I'm a second year clinical psychology master's student in the Psychological Sciences department. I'm currently interning at the Muncie Reception and Detention Center, where I conduct intake interviews, interviews with the students' guardians, assessments, group therapy sessions and individual brief therapy sessions. I'm extremely interested in working with substance misuse and abuse, particularly within adolescent populations. Attempting to prevent or treat substance misuse and abuse before the onset of addiction is much more effective and meaningful than treating the addiction. As many of the students have been admitted to MRDC for substance related charges, my internship will hopefully provide a good basis of practical knowledge and skills related to substance use. While at Ball State, I have been a teaching assistant to Dr. Rohrer's Abnormal Psychology class and Dr. MacIntosh's Autism Spectrum Disorders class. In addition to adolescent substance misuse and abuse, I'm interested in studying the influence of demographic factors on internalized homophobia within LGBT populations. Before studying at Ball State, I earned my BA in Psychology and Sociology in three years at Grace College.