Requirements for submission:

1 page, single-spaced
Times New Roman font, 12 point
Submitted via dropbox on Blackboard


The goal of this assignment is to apply some of the abstract concepts we discussed in class. Reflecting on these carefully and dealing with them in a more concrete manner should help you notice areas of conflict or confusion in your understanding, along with providing a concrete example that can help you work through these points of conflict and confusion. You may not come to a resolution on some of these questions or issues, but you should clearly display your thinking work, perhaps even struggle, with these.

Select two sets of questions below:

  1. What metaphors are explicit or implicit and how do they shape ideas of development within your selected theory?
  2. Drawing from the article above, can you propose any changes to the metaphors? What changes would you make? Why? How would they lead us to think differently about (a) development in general and (b) the focus area of your current developmental theory?

Epistemologies in general
  1. 1. Do you think your developmental theory is more positivist, postpositivst or social constructionist. What parts of it would support your assessment?
  2. 2. In what ways does this shape the research questions asked, the methods used, concepts of how development occurs, etc? Be sure to address both what it focuses our attention on and what it moves us away from looking at.

Social Constructionism in particular: constructs in psychology
  1. 1. Gergen discusses issues regarding our understanding of key concepts or constructs in psychology such as anger, psychological disorders, altruism, etc. He also proposes alternative understandings from a social constructionist perspective. Picking one or more of these constructs that relates to the theory of human development that you are currently exploring, what are the implications for this shift in understandings for your theory of development? In what ways would it change the theory? Try to generate specific examples for class consideration.

Social Constructionism in particular: methodological concepts in psychology
  1. 1. Gergen discusses issues with key methodological in psychology, such as validity, truth, and objectivity. Reflect carefully on the implications of these challenges for how the field of psychology would conduct meaningful inquiries. What might this revised inquiry look like? What would be implications for your current theory? Try to generate specific examples for class consideration.

If you have a question that you want to address that is not listed above, you may submit that to me via email and I will consider it as a replacement for one of the set of questions above.

Grading Rubric
  1. Is specific and detailed

0.98 ................


very detailed

  1. Displays careful reflection on the topic

1.25 ..................


2.70 .........................

  1. Incorporates material and ideas from the wikiespaces site, and one of the two articles attached to the wikispaces site

0.98 ..................


1.25 .........................