Katie Hosier

1st Year Masters Student

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

I obtained my undergraduate degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Indiana University- Bloomington with an African American and African Diaspora Studies minor.
Currently I am not involved in any research projects; however, I am incredibly interested in multiculturalism and how one's culture and society affects a client's progress in and attitude toward therapy. More so, I wish to study trauma and recovery in veterans who have served in war and their families also affected by the soldiers time in war.
One day, I would like to pratice in a VA clinic leading groups for the soldiers and their families.
If I still have a life outside of school and work now that I am a graduate student, I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends while drinking vino. Right now, I am in the midst of training for my first full marathon, The Marine Corps. Marathon, this October 30, 2011- to be exact- in Washington, D.C. After running 9 half marathons, I have been told in order to be a true runner I need to complete a full. I'm not yet sure if I will survive; hence, I greatly appreciate wishes of good luck and understand sayings such as "you're out of your mind" and "that's dumb, why?"